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Testimonials of Gamefowl Breeders

Darius Sandoval

Las Vegas

My name is Darius Sandoval. From Las Vegas, New Mexico. I’ve only had gamefowl for about 3 years. But i love everything about them. I got pure penny’s, and lacy roundheads. Working on a line of reds outta a jumper kelso cock and a sweater kelso hen as the first pair. Got a couple greys too. And a whole lot of random crosses. Gamefowl are part of american history, culture, and tradition. They represent how people should be in their convictions when it comes to their gameness. We can not allow the animal rights crowd to destroy an entire breed and industry more than they already have. We breed for preservation of the breed and their characteristics. God bless, keep them crowing, and to heck with government overreach, and the globalist animal rights movements!

Toby Mockler


I live in northern California at the foothills of the Sierra, and have raised gamefowl for about 25 years.

Francisco Robles


Hello my name is Francisco Robles. I am a first generation Chicken man, though I was around it since birth, everyone in my family enjoys gamefowl my uncle in Mexico has been breeding and competing for over 50 yrs. I am a resident of California in the county of Kern my favorite lines of fowl are roundheads and hatch which is what I have on my yard. But believe me any bird that catches my eye gill my heart. I admit I’m fairly new at this but very Game. Thanks again .

Jose Benjamin Almeida


My name is Jose Benjamin Almeida i lived in Idaho my whole life… Ive raised gamefowl for 32 yrs.. Idaho is a farmer Hunting state ..its a wonderful place where u can enjoy the country as well as live stock and my favorite rooster’s gamefowl.. Idaho wants to ban this type of gamefowl which they dont know the beauty and uniqueness of these animals. So if this is a place where all 50 states can join and keep these amazing animals from being extinct im in to help thank u..

Andrew House


Greetings fellow gamefowl enthusiasts,

My name is Andrew House. I am from Arkansas and have raised gamefowl since I was only 12 years old. That was 31 years ago! Greetings fellow gamefowl enthusiasts,

My name is Andrew House. I am from Arkansas and have raised gamefowl since I was only 12 years old. That was 31 years ago! The first line of gamefowl I ever owned came from my mentor and I have maintained this line of green leg hatch to this day. They are base line Billy Ruble green legged hatch. My mentor raised them for at least 20 years before I got into keeping gamefowl. That makes that line of fowl held true for over 50 years in our hands! I have a line of pole cat grays that I have held true now for 25 years. The Sweater, Kelso, and Brown Red fowl have been maintained on my farm for 20 years now. As you can tell I have spent many years preserving these lines of gamefowl for their beauty and just for the love of the fowl! I can’t imagine waking up and not hearing the gamecocks crow on my farm!

Alan J Tapia, BPA, MBA


I am from Miami, Florida. Our family enjoys Cubans, and Orientals. Postiza.

Be blessed

Charles Bloomfield


56, been raising off and on since the 90s, stopped r a using when I moved back to AZ from Texas, took 10 years to get birds once I moved back to AZ, hated not having them.

Charles Bloomfield


We are working on preserving the genetics of the Morgan Whitehackle fowl primarily and have been doing so since 2006

Some of the traits we are striving to preserve are cold hardiness, longevity, mothering instinct, and vigor. Aside from that, these fowl are pleasing to the eye and we are studying the genetics of their pattern, trying to determine if more than just one mottling trait is at work. Our other lines are all based off of our Morgan fowl and are being kept for various goals. Among these goals are: (in our muffs) working towards proving that a line of American Gamefowl can fit the Old English gamefowl show standard. Through our Roundhead crosses and Asils we hope to illustrate how the influence of Oriental Gamefowl has affected the development of the American bloodlines. We feel that having a representative of the individual “steps” in the development of the American Game will be beneficial in the show halls to help educate the wider exhibitor circle. Finally, our Gull crosses, which are primarily Morgan blood at this point, are another effort in developing a uniform bird which may meet approval in the show hall.