I was raised in the gamefowl world by what many men would call some of the greatest men that have ever been in the gamefowl community. First and foremost Paul “Nite Owl” Hulin. Here is a guy that took a women in that had three kids. Oh boy but he didn’t know what he was getting himself into. Due to him is where my gamefowl journey began at 5 yrs. old. He taught me a lot about the mighty majestic gamecock that’s when I was listening and willing to learn. Being that young of age my attention span was all over the place as kids or. Over the years there were many visitors that would come to the farm and stay for a couple of days. I loved listening to all there stories and there trophies they won. As a kid in the 80’s of course it was all about the trophy. I had the privilege of learning things from Mr. Johnny Moore. Paul would always make fun about how stiff he was putting a rooster. All in the same sentence he would also let u know stuff or not Mr. Moore would out handle you 10 to 1. Mr. Johnny Lowe was one of the greatest men alive in my eyes as a kid. But of course everyone knows the name Mr. Johnny Jumper. Mr. Jumper thought the world of my mom Cheri and I believe he would do anything for her that he could. As of now I will stop here and maybe continue this at another time.