Born into gamefowl, never really had much to do with them while in school was too busy playing sports. After graduating I got completely in with my Dad, I called Stan Wardell from Oregon and had him send me some eggs. My dad and his best friend grow up around Stan and we knew his chickens, I always wanted his WH and dad only had his hatch. We got the eggs raised them and steadily got better chickens from them. I stayed in it until it become illegal in all the states around me. A couple years ago a old man who lives by us had to get out and he gave my brother in law several hens and 3 roosters. I brother in law invited me over to see them fell in love with them again and I took the three roosters. He introduced me to the old man and the old man gave me the remainder of his brood fowl. The mN acquired them direct from.Cecil Davis in 74 and had not put anything else in them. He was a great breeder and they still they did when he got them. After getting them I wanted to raise the Wardell chickens that I always liked so I called my dad’s friend who still had them, we made a trip the WV and came back with broodfowl. I know breed these three lines pure to preserve the blood lines of Wardell and Cecil Davis. Not many of these bloodlines around anymore.