People love Gamefowl all across the country in every state!

Justin Smith / Rampuri Asil


Danny Thompson

New Mexico

Bobby Roberts

Los Angeles

Murphy whitehackle in La. Raised them over 50 years. Thank you for all you are doing.

Bert Byrd


Ibele grey and Ginn toppy

Hey Tommy this is Bert Byrd from Happy TX. My brother Sam and I raise Ibele brothers greys that my brother has had for many years. He also raises some toppie fowl that have been in these 3 consecutive counties of Castro, Swisher, and Brisco county for over 100 years. I raise some Gavilan hatch, old time Racey mugs, California Chets, Blueface hatch, Clarets, and Stryker white hackles.

Hope this helps

Joe Holder

West Virginia

Here in west Virginia we raise Lundy Round head and Redquills.

Billy Ray Collins


Gavilan Hatch (Buck Stansell Bloodlines) since 1973

Michael Wellman


Dan Dawson




My name is Anthony and I live in the city of Haleiwa on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. Here at GHGF we solely focus on the in-breeding and line-breeding tactics to preserve and maintain original bloodlines. We also breed a few cross lines to accommodate customer requests. We maintain only 5 bloodlines being Slim Benoit White Kelso, Dan Gray RoundHead, McGiness Sweater, McLean Hatch, and Jay Goodes brother Joe’s Greys. Below I will attach a picture of our White Kelso BroodCock.

Mahalo for your time and God bless!

Will Garcia


Hello I would like to submit for Colorado. Ive had birds for about 13 years. They have helped me through hard times and have kept me out of trouble when I was younger. My youngest son enjoys them as much as I do.

Darius Sandoval

Las Vegas

My name is Darius Sandoval. From Las Vegas, New Mexico. I’ve only had gamefowl for about 3 years. But i love everything about them. I got pure penny’s, and lacy roundheads. Working on a line of reds outta a jumper kelso cock and a sweater kelso hen as the first pair. Got a couple greys too. And a whole lot of random crosses. Gamefowl are part of american history, culture, and tradition. They represent how people should be in their convictions when it comes to their gameness. We can not allow the animal rights crowd to destroy an entire breed and industry more than they already have. We breed for preservation of the breed and their characteristics. God bless, keep them crowing, and to heck with government overreach, and the globalist animal rights movements!

Toby Mockler


I live in northern California at the foothills of the Sierra, and have raised gamefowl for about 25 years.

Originally with my father in Australia and here in California the last 6 years.
My whole family enjoys breeding raising and showing our birds all over the state at both UGBA and APA shows.

Francisco Robles


Watch the video

Hello my name is Francisco Robles. I am a first generation Chicken man, though I was around it since birth, everyone in my family enjoys gamefowl my uncle in Mexico has been breeding and competing for over 50 yrs. I am a resident of California in the county of Kern my favorite lines of fowl are round heads and hatch which is what I have on my yard. But believe me any bird that catches my eye gill my heart. I admit I’m fairly new at this but very Game. Thanks again.

Billy Ray Collins


Pure Gavilan Hatch

Thomas Carrano

New York

This is the third Family I preserved Stone County Hatch bred by Travis Clark they also go back to 100 years of breeding the breeder I got mine from had them since 1962 they originally came from Long Island NY Jim Cassidy of Huntington to Sanford Hatch

Jamey Davis


Pierce shuffler

Pierce shuffler, I’ve had this line for around 10 years. I got them from an elderly gentleman local to me that has always raised them and I will continue the line as long as I breathe.

James Gregg


I have raised and showed gamefowl since 1957., a total of 64 years. Some of my breeds are the RACEY Mugs; Morgan Whitehackle; North Britton Whitehackles; Roundhead; Greys; Toppy; Claret; McRae; White Albany; Wildcat Blue; Silver Bullets; Gold Nuggets; and Warhorse. These birds have been handed down to me from several generations
Of people who have trusted me to preserve and continue the breeding.

Keith Faul


Morgan Redfield



West Virginia

My name is Marie. I live in West Virginia but originally from Texas. I have been enjoying gamefowl for almost 3 years now. I enjoy learning about them. They are very therapeutic and the most beautiful birds. I love my Redquills and Blue/Splash Mugs. Keep em crowing!

Jose Benjamin Almeida

My name is Jose Benjamin Almeida i lived in Idaho my whole life… I’ve raised gamefowl for 32 yrs… Idaho is a farmer Hunting state… its a wonderful place where u can enjoy the country as well as live stock and my favorite rooster’s gamefowl… Idaho wants to ban this type of gamefowl which they don’t know the beauty and uniqueness of these animals. So if this is a place where all 50 states can join and keep these amazing animals from being extinct I’m in to help thank u…

Andrew House


Greetings fellow gamefowl enthusiasts,

My name is Andrew House. I am from Arkansas and have raised gamefowl since I was only 12 years old. That was 31 years ago! The first line of gamefowl I ever owned came from my mentor and I have maintained this line of green leg hatch to this day. They are base line Billy Ruble green legged hatch. My mentor raised them for at least 20 years before I got into keeping gamefowl. That makes that line of fowl held true for over 50 years in our hands! I have a line of pole cat grays that I have held true now for 25 years. The Sweater, Kelso, and Brown Red fowl have been maintained on my farm for 20 years now. As you can tell I have spent many years preserving these lines of gamefowl for their beauty and just for the love of the fowl! I can’t imagine waking up and not hearing the gamecocks crow on my farm!

Gary Anglin


I am a small “back yard “breeder who has been with gamefowl over forty years. I love gamefowl because they teach me something new every day! I also enjoy reading and studying the history of gamefowl and gamefowl breeders.

My foundation fowl are W. T. Greene Greys, Deadend Greys and Deadend Blueface. I have invested nearly twenty years into these breeds and in turn they have become an important extension of my life! I have other good fowl, but all my crosses contain either Grey, Blueface or both breeds. I do not claim they are the best, but they suit me well. These breeds are an example of “history” that is still relevant to present day!

Alan J Tapia, BPA, MBA


I am from Miami, Florida. Our family enjoys Cubans, and Orientals. Postiza.

Be blessed

Kenny Wapniarski

South Dakota

HalfWoods Farm was Established in November of 2016. I bought this little existing farm with my VA loan after serving 20+ years in the US Army. All I’ve ever wanted is land, a home, and a place to raise animals. Now I have it and I couldn’t be more proud. I started out with just traditional farm chickens and started selling eggs to the locals. All the money goes back into the upkeep of the chickens. Growing up in Southern California I was exposed to game fowl thru some of my Hispanic neighbors… I will never forget how beautiful their birds were. I knew then I wanted my own when I had space for them. Fast forward to 2020 when I meet Josh Hoffman and he offered a me a trio to me of Whitehackle/Roundhead cross…. And that is the start of my farm. I owe him so much for giving me these birds… I am excited to start this journey with the help this community. I am humbled to know you, and all of the cockers in this endeavor. God be with you brother! 🍻

Michael Collins


Mikie with a murphy white hackle

Hi my name is Michael Collins owner of timber valley gamefarm located in Virginia and here we raise Murphy whitehackels and Ablany’s

Steve Perry


In the mid-60s my cousin got interested in old English game the first Roosters he got were Halsey’s in Madigan Clarets. The Halsey’s came from a man named Burkhalter. He was a Dallas police officer. Clarets came from a man named A.J. Hearn from Grand Celine, Texas. The roosters did not hold my cousins attention very long as he was also into coon hunting and rabbit hunting so I ended up with his brood stock. I befriended Mr. Hearn and I would go to his farm and clean pens, repair pens and help him around the farm. I became such good friends with Mr. A. J. Hearn, one weekend he asked me to come to his house and I sat down in his kitchen table with him and his wife and he told me that they had put me in his will and left me the Clarets if something happened to Mr. Hearn. A couple of years later after this meeting AJ died. His wife called and said she remembered the day you came and sat in the kitchen and we told you that AJ was gonna leave you the Clarets when he died. She told me he had died and told me to come get the Clarets. When I was going to get the Clarets I remembered stories a A.J. would tell me that in 1948 John Madigan fought a Main with Walter Kelso in Louisiana and Madigan won and one of those cocks that was in the Main was the basis for AJ‘s yard stock. His Clarets came directly off John Madigan‘s yard. A.J. had three brood pens and would line breed them I have been carrying on a similar breeding program from 1967 till the current time.


Mark Marsh

New York

butchers FullSizeR

Representing NY this is his families fowl for over a hundred years they are called Butchers his family owned a Butcher shop



Joseph L


I’m a first generation gamefowl enthusiast. Started breeding gamefowl when I was 19 years old starting with Tennessee hatch and Durryea Whitehackles. Have had gamefowl now for 20 years and don’t think I’ll ever live a day without them. Been blessed with many friends through the industry that have gifted me fowl including these Albany’s. Thanks and God bless!

Omar Avila


Please include Oregon! Picture of a Chet stag. This stags family traces back to the originators of the California chets!

Charles Bloomfield


56, been raising off and on since the 90s, stopped r a using when I moved back to AZ from Texas, took 10 years to get birds once I moved back to AZ, hated not having them.

Bryan Plumb


My name is Bryan Plumb, l was born and raised in the Joplin Missouri area. Been around Gamefowl since I was 11 years old. Had a lengthy battle with drugs and alcohol/mental illness. I’ve remained clean and sober for a number of years now but don’t really know if l would’ve made it without my birds. I raise Kansas City Toppies and Toppy crosses primarily. Although I do have other strains, the toppies are where my heart is and I’m always trying to come up with something new.

Josh Hoffman


We are working on preserving the genetics of the Morgan Whitehackle fowl primarily and have been doing so since 2006.

Some of the traits we are striving to preserve are cold hardiness, longevity, mothering instinct, and vigor. Aside from that, these fowl are pleasing to the eye and we are studying the genetics of their pattern, trying to determine if more than just one mottling trait is at work. Our other lines are all based off of our Morgan fowl and are being kept for various goals. Among these goals are: (in our muffs) working towards proving that a line of American Gamefowl can fit the Old English gamefowl show standard. Through our Roundhead crosses and Asils we hope to illustrate how the influence of Oriental Gamefowl has affected the development of the American bloodlines. We feel that having a representative of the individual “steps” in the development of the American Game will be beneficial in the show halls to help educate the wider exhibitor circle. Finally, our Gull crosses, which are primarily Morgan blood at this point, are another effort in developing a uniform bird which may meet approval in the show hall.

Derek Ford and Son


Father Dereck Ford and Son Bryson Ford he is the 4th Generation Gamefowl Breeder our family started breeding gamefowl with Bryson’s great grandfather in 1920 Allen Ford. We are holding Hatch fowl that we breed and maintain as a family.

James Davis

Hoover warhorse I have had them for 15 years, when they came to me they had been raised for 50+ years with no outside blood added, I still continue their breeding with no outside blood… Here in TN…

Carl Fairbert III


Screenshot 20200128 140409

Born 1987; grew up on a fifth generation dairy farm in rural Wisconsin. Great grandfather raised Irish greys. Skipped three generations… so first generation rooster man with it in the blood, albeit Grandpa always gave good advice yet waited ten years to show pics of great grandpa with greys. Raise Groves Whitehackle, Speeder Grey’s, and Dan Gray Roundheads.

Gallo Dorado


Gallo dorado

Danny McClain

Hi, my name is Danny McClain and I am an American Gamefowl Breeder. I have owned American Gamefowl for less than one year now and my only regret is not owning some sooner.

I recently came across the Tommy Carrano case and I was just taken back, words cannot describe what I felt. I could not believe that an All American, American Gamefowl Breeder could be forced through such a terrible ordeal. The lack of education and stereotyping by a group of people who are simply ignorant about raising American Gamefowl was a call to action for me. I reached out to Tommy directly and volunteered to help in any way I can.

You see me like Tommy absolutely love American Gamefowl.

I would like to share a little bit about myself.

I am first and foremost a family man. I have twin daughters in college one studying to be an engineer at the University of Texas at Austin and the other Biology at Texas A&M University. My son is 14 and starting his first year of high school. I have been married for 20 years to my amazing wife Sandra.

I am also an educator, I have been in education for 19 years now, my entire career. I have worked as a lab manager at an elementary school, a Technology Coordinator at a Private Catholic School, a Testing Coordinator at a State College, I have been an adjunct Faculty member at the University of Texas at Brownsville, I was the Director and Founder of the Research Team at the largest Charter Management Organization in the state of Texas and the country, and am currently a Director for the premier Classical Education school in the country.

I have four brood pens and am looking to breed, share, and educate others on American Gamefowl.

I am hoping to help Tommy educate the country on how raising American Gamefowl is a great and positive thing for people around the country. I feel it brings people together and will help the magnificent animal that is American Gamefowl.

In Partnership,

Kenneth E Guffey

North Carolina
My name is Kenneth E Guffey from Thomasville NC I have always had a passion for gamefowl since I was just a teenager and bought my first fowl from the flea market then really started learning about them when I was 25 I’m 30 now been raising them the right way for 5 years these fowl have kept me at home with my wife and son and kept me from running the roads doing dumb stuff I jokingly tell my wife, family, and friends these chickens saved my life and they really did I love these fowl and just because I own them I have been able to provide less fortunate people both eggs to eat pullets to eat and some flocks so people can raise their own eggs I attached a few pictures of my mugs first is my line of blue mugs second picture is a bates hatch mug cross third picture is one of my black mugs actually the base blood for the other 2 pictures

Joe Zannino


These white fowl were a gift from another very good friend that passed on two months before my farm was raided Joe Zannino.