Gamefowl Breeders

Farm Care vs ASPCA

Pumpkin Rooster on a Farm

Sweater Mcguiness Greys

Groves White Hackles

Groves white hackles dated back to 1880 when they came to the state of NY

Morgan White Hackles

I have had these about seven years they came from a master breeder of these fowl who also became my friend over the years Mr Norman Terry from Kentucky he Preserved these fowl for 60 years the Morgan white hackles also go back well over a hundred years Mr. Terry started with his from a man from Syracuse NY a long time ago Mr. Terry is in the Black and white picture I got to spend a week with Mr. Terry on his farm before I served my 14 month sentence he is missed he went home with the Lord before I came home.


Our National organization was formed to educate people about Gamefowl. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT A NY Inspector came when the birds were returned to my wife while I was in prison from the NYSDA and said they ruined my fowl in the pictures because the birds were not dubbed they got frost bite because the ASPCA does not understand the fighting instinct in Gamefowl the hens and the roosters many hens were returned blinded because they were put in pens together without there spurs being dubbed and yes the hens have spurs as well another very ignorant mistake by the ASPCA. I put a picture of a hen whose leg got infected and almost rotted off because they banded them as chicks and never took the bands off so the leg grows over the banded leg and causes gangrene.

Videos of raid and trauma to our neighbors and family


Aspca Gamefowl in a Basement

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Another NY farm Raid


Birds missing and dying at the hands of ASPCA

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NY farm raid Brother in Law sharing his view of my farm and the raid that happened last May and how my birds missing and dying at the hands of ASPCA


NY Farm Raid

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NY farm raid Carrano family member distraught over raid to the family farm and the care of the fowl at the ASPCA facilities

Video Interviews

Gina interview

TnT Gamefowl farm raid

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TnT Gamefowl farm Tommy Carrano in Upstate NY, Had Aspca and Federal Government come to his family farm back in May of 2017 and confiscate all his chickens including fertile eggs being destroyed they took twenty chicks that were two days old.