National organization of Gamefowl Preservation


This organization was founded in 2017

Founded in 2017 by members of the American gamefowl community, the National Organization for the Preservation of Gamefowl (NOPG) was created to prevent the extinction of historic bloodlines of gamefowl.

The founding of the NOPG was inspired by an injustice spurred by the ASPCA and overzealous government prosecutors who targeted Tommy Carrano, a gamefowl breeder whose farm was registered with the New York State Department of Agriculture in upstate New York. Mr. Carrano’s farm was raided and substantially damaged. Many birds were killed and incubating eggs were destroyed while ASPCA and other agents removed fowl the government claimed was part of a cockfighting operation. Mr. Carrano was tried and, following a five-day trial, convicted of conspiring to violate the Animal Welfare Act and was sentenced to serve 14 months in federal prison. Mr. Carrano was released after serving 12 months of his sentence, and is currently serving the remainder of his three-year probation. About half of the birds were eventually returned to Mr. Carrano’s farm, although his sentence prevents him from possessing them during his probation.

Inspired by this injustice, the NOPG was formed to educate the public about historic gamefowl breeds of chickens, and to deepen understanding about these unique and beautiful birds that have been around for thousands of years.

Our goal is to save gamefowl from extinction, and to serve as a resource for those who wish to understand the industry and gain accurate information about gamefowl and their breeders.

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People love Gamefowl all across the country in every state!

Dan Dawson


Willy Garcia


Hello I would like to submit for Colorado. Ive had birds for about 13 years. They have helped me through hard times and have kept me out of trouble when I was younger. My youngest son enjoys them as much as I do.

Andrew House


Greetings fellow gamefowl enthusiasts,

My name is Andrew House. I am from Arkansas and have raised gamefowl since I was only 12 years old. That was 31 years ago! Greetings fellow gamefowl enthusiasts...

Jose Benjamin Almeida


My name is Jose Benjamin Almeida i lived in Idaho my whole life... I've raised gamefowl for 32 yrs.. Idaho is a farmer Hunting state ..its a wonderful place where u can enjoy the country as well as live stock and my favorite rooster's gamefowl.. 

Toby Mockler


I live in northern California at the foothills of the Sierra, and have raised gamefowl for about 25 years.

Charles Bloomfield


56, been raising off and on since the 90s, stopped r a using when I moved back to AZ from Texas, took 10 years to get birds once I moved back to AZ, hated not having them.

Bryan Plumb


My name is Bryan Plumb, l was born and raised in the Joplin Missouri area. Been around Gamefowl since I was 11 years old. Had a lengthy battle with drugs and alcohol/mental illness...