“My whole family enjoys breeding raising and showing our birds all over the state”

Was given a pair of greys when I was a teenager and fell in love with them. I now have collected multiple lines that I breed.

I’m Miguel I was raise in game fowl my entire life 2nt generation

I started in Hawaii over seeing my family & friends raise chickens I instantly fell in love with it, I moved to Nebraska & brought my chickens with me. This amazing lifestyle has taught me many great values to life, if it wasn’t for this I’d probably be on the streets using drugs and partying daily instead I stay at home tending my birds.

Bought my first pair of gamefowl about two years ago. I’m the first person in my family to raise gamefowl and I love everything about it. Plan on raising and preserving these fine birds for as long as I can!

Got my first game birds because of my grandpa.he would always talk bout raising them as a kid himself.

My first gamefowl roosters was a brown red he was gifted to me by a good friend . I met a a lot of good people by game roosters some of the most outstanding people there are in this world

I’ve bred them since a little kid and fell in love with it

This set of fowl go back in my family the early mid 60s but tommy will know I cant remember right off when they was started by mr joe z but I believe the early 50s

I was raised in the gamefowl world by what many men would call some of the greatest men that have ever been in the gamefowl community. First and foremost Paul “Nite Owl” Hulin. Here is a guy that took a women in that had three kids. Oh boy but he didn’t know what he was getting himself into. Due to him is where my gamefowl journey began at 5 yrs. old. He taught me a lot about the mighty majestic gamecock that’s when I was listening and willing to learn. Being that young of age my attention span was all over the place as kids or. Over the years there were many visitors that would come to the farm and stay for a couple of days. I loved listening to all there stories and there trophies they won. As a kid in the 80’s of course it was all about the trophy. I had the privilege of learning things from Mr. Johnny Moore. Paul would always make fun about how stiff he was putting a rooster. All in the same sentence he would also let u know stuff or not Mr. Moore would out handle you 10 to 1. Mr. Johnny Lowe was one of the greatest men alive in my eyes as a kid. But of course everyone knows the name Mr. Johnny Jumper. Mr. Jumper thought the world of my mom Cheri and I believe he would do anything for her that he could. As of now I will stop here and maybe continue this at another time.

I’ve raised birds since I can remember and it’s the best thing to ever happen to me

Been raising them since I was about 8 and now 16

Been in this hobby for 25 yrs. love every minute of it.

I knew few people who had fowl I told them I wanted get into it and they gave me a mug pair
Been in it ever since

I raise all different breeds of chickens, they interbreed so I don’t really have a “breed” mutt birds I guess. I love what you do and want to support you. I also raise turkey

I was 11 when I stared in gamefowl and 4 year later i have a bunch of chickens running everywhere.

Born into gamefowl, never really had much to do with them while in school was too busy playing sports. After graduating I got completely in with my Dad, I called Stan Wardell from Oregon and had him send me some eggs. My dad and his best friend grow up around Stan and we knew his chickens, I always wanted his WH and dad only had his hatch. We got the eggs raised them and steadily got better chickens from them. I stayed in it until it become illegal in all the states around me. A couple years ago a old man who lives by us had to get out and he gave my brother in law several hens and 3 roosters. I brother in law invited me over to see them fell in love with them again and I took the three roosters. He introduced me to the old man and the old man gave me the remainder of his brood fowl. The mN acquired them direct from.Cecil Davis in 74 and had not put anything else in them. He was a great breeder and they still they did when he got them. After getting them I wanted to raise the Wardell chickens that I always liked so I called my dad’s friend who still had them, we made a trip the WV and came back with broodfowl. I know breed these three lines pure to preserve the blood lines of Wardell and Cecil Davis. Not many of these bloodlines around anymore.

I have been raising Gamefowl for almost 40 years I preserve white hackles and sweater greys

I raise an old family of white legged Gleezen Whitehackles that can be traced back to 1858. the preservation of these historic fowl is important to me or 160 years of history could be gone in an instant.

I Stand with Tommy Carrano

Founded by the Gamefowl community of America after a NY state registered farm received 4 chickens from the Bronx to care for them. The breeder from the Bronx wanted to get the birds temporary homes while he found a place for them. He stated that the ASPCA was after him.

People love Gamefowl all across the country in every state!

Dan Dawson


Willy Garcia


Hello I would like to submit for Colorado. Ive had birds for about 13 years. They have helped me through hard times and have kept me out of trouble when I was younger. My youngest son enjoys them as much as I do.

Andrew House


Greetings fellow gamefowl enthusiasts,

My name is Andrew House. I am from Arkansas and have raised gamefowl since I was only 12 years old. That was 31 years ago! Greetings fellow gamefowl enthusiasts...

Jose Benjamin Almeida


My name is Jose Benjamin Almeida i lived in Idaho my whole life... I've raised gamefowl for 32 yrs.. Idaho is a farmer Hunting state ..its a wonderful place where u can enjoy the country as well as live stock and my favorite rooster's gamefowl.. 

Toby Mockler


I live in northern California at the foothills of the Sierra, and have raised gamefowl for about 25 years.

Charles Bloomfield


56, been raising off and on since the 90s, stopped r a using when I moved back to AZ from Texas, took 10 years to get birds once I moved back to AZ, hated not having them.

Bryan Plumb


My name is Bryan Plumb, l was born and raised in the Joplin Missouri area. Been around Gamefowl since I was 11 years old. Had a lengthy battle with drugs and alcohol/mental illness...

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