“My whole family enjoys breeding raising and showing our birds all over the state”

I Stand with Tommy Carrano

Founded by the Gamefowl community of America after a NY state registered farm received 4 chickens from the Bronx to care for them. The breeder from the Bronx wanted to get the birds temporary homes while he found a place for them. He stated that the ASPCA was after him.

People love Gamefowl all across the country in every state!

Willy Garcia


Hello I would like to submit for Colorado. Ive had birds for about 13 years. They have helped me through hard times and have kept me out of trouble when I was younger. My youngest son enjoys them as much as I do.

Andrew House


Greetings fellow gamefowl enthusiasts,

My name is Andrew House. I am from Arkansas and have raised gamefowl since I was only 12 years old. That was 31 years ago! Greetings fellow gamefowl enthusiasts...

Jose Benjamin Almeida


My name is Jose Benjamin Almeida i lived in Idaho my whole life... I've raised gamefowl for 32 yrs.. Idaho is a farmer Hunting state ..its a wonderful place where u can enjoy the country as well as live stock and my favorite rooster's gamefowl.. 

Toby Mockler


I live in northern California at the foothills of the Sierra, and have raised gamefowl for about 25 years.

Charles Bloomfield


56, been raising off and on since the 90s, stopped r a using when I moved back to AZ from Texas, took 10 years to get birds once I moved back to AZ, hated not having them.

Bryan Plumb


My name is Bryan Plumb, l was born and raised in the Joplin Missouri area. Been around Gamefowl since I was 11 years old. Had a lengthy battle with drugs and alcohol/mental illness...

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