Origin of the American Game Fowl

American Game Fowl originated in the USA from at least 4 different sources of Game Fowl. The 4 different original bloodlines were English, Irish, French, and Spanish.

This is not a new breed of Fowl and American Game Fowl can be traced back to the original Spanish and French settlers that helped to settle our vast homeland. In fact these Game Fowl originate from and are the oldest documented Fowls in America.

The English Game Fowl came over with the very first settlers and many of the very best families of English Game Fowl were obtained from the Old English breeders like the Earl of Derby and many other famous cock fighters of their day. The American Game Fowl bloodlines were continually supplemented with the best fowl that could be obtained all the way through our history.

When the Irish settlers arrived in America they brought over some of their finest Game Fowl Families. These families which were also continually supplemented with the very best bloodlines. Amongst the many families the Kearney Fowl.

The Spanish bloodlines of Game Fowl were already in America introduced by the Spanish when they conquered Mexico and Central America.

Not so well known were the French Game Fowl also carried around the world wherever the French settled.

Later infusions of basic bloodlines originated from Cuba and Central and South America.

Some of the very best East Indian Asil Fowl came directly from India. Later the English sent families of game fowl to America infused with Asil blood. The roundhead bloodlines have had a great influence on our American Game Fowl for at least 150 years and are detailed in the paperwork from that time. Roundhead bloodlines supplement many American Game Fowl families to this day.

The original diverse genetic makeup of our American Game Fowl and we The Americans should not detract in any way from the distinct result that we see today. True breeding American Game Fowl that have been selected in the harshest environment THE PIT for at least 150 years. Only the very best specimens have been selected for perpetuation.

American Game Fowl and Cockfighting are an integral part of our American Heritage and we can either accept that we the Americans and our proud defiant fowl are part of what we are today.

Some groups would have us deny our AMERICAN and AMERICAN Game Fowl heritage.

This is who WE ARE and these are OUR FOWL... AMERICAN GAME FOWL!